A Win for Women

Iowa’s abortion ban — the most restrictive in the country — was just struck down, and New York is working to protect women’s access to the procedure even if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

An Iowa district court struck down the incredibly restrictive law, which banned all forms of abortion after the moment a fetal heartbeat is detected; most women don’t even know that they are pregnant by the time a heartbeat can be registered.

The bill was signed into law last year by the state’s female governor, adding a little extra salt to the wound as well as to the legacy of women oppressing other women.

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Abortion Hot Topic in Midterms

Abortion was on the ballot in a number of states in this year’s midterms, and the outcomes varied widely.

In Alabama and West Virginia, women’s rights and access to reproductive healthcare services were severely curtailed as religion seeped into the Alabama state constitution with the approval of a drastic amendment.

On the other end of the spectrum, Oregon voters managed to reject similar attempts at implementing so-called “trigger laws” that will go into effect if and when the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade as many conservatives hope.

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Birth Control: Administration to Expand Religious Exemptions

In keeping with the GOP’s evangelical base, the administration plans to expand religious exemptions allowing employers to deny employee birth control coverage.

The exemptions allow employers to cite moral and/or religious objections when choosing to deny their employees healthcare coverage for birth control.

Last year, the president attempted to reverse the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate that required employers to cover birth control, but lawsuits from several states prevented the repeal from going through. These new policy changes could render those lawsuits entirely pointless.

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OPINION: The Fight Isn’t Over

Judge Brett Kavanaugh became Associate Justice Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court this weekend, but we cannot give up the fight.

We screamed. We protested. We invaded elevators. We fought.

And right now, it feels like we lost. But this is a fight that cannot be abandoned or forsaken; it is one that we have to see through to the end, even if that means just seeing through to the end of our own battle and not the war.

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Christine Hallquist Clinches the Win

The first openly transgender person ever to run for a governorship in the United States has won her Democratic primary.

Not only is Hallquist the first openly transgender person to run for a governorship, but she is also the first to win the backing of a major party.

Her victory in Vermont hopefully signals the end of a long era in which the trans community has been shut out of federal politics.

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Danes Fight Back Against “Burqa Ban”

Immigrants and Danish citizens alike have been protesting the country’s ban against Muslim face veils.

Martin Henriksen of the Danish People’s Party, a far-right populist faction, proposed the law because he thinks it will help Denmark combat what he calls “political Islam.”

He believes that it is essential to Danish society and values to see the face of the person you’re speaking to.

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FEMA Official Under Investigation for Sexual Misconduct

Former FEMA official Corey Coleman is accused of sexual harassment and misconduct which has been described as systemic.

Coleman led the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) personnel department from 2011 up until his resignation a few weeks ago as a result of the accusations.

Allegations include Coleman hiring women as potential sex partners for male employees.

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ESPY Honors Survivors of Larry Nassar Abuse

The Arthur Ashe Award for Courage was awarded to all 141 survivors who came forward about the sexual abuse they endured at the hands of Larry Nassar.

Three-time Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman accepted the award on behalf of the group.

“All those years, we were told, ‘You are wrong. You misunderstood. He’s a doctor. It’s OK. Don’t worry. We’ve got it covered. Be careful. There are risks involved.’ The intention? To silence us, in favor of money, medals and reputation. But we persisted, and finally someone listened and believed us.”  — Raisman

Danica Patrick hosted the awards in Los Angeles as the first female host in ESPY history.

Nassar, a gymnastics coach and doctor for the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team, is serving up to 175 years in prison for his decades of abuse.