Progressivism from the Catholic Church

The people of Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favor of the repeal of the country’s Eighth Amendment last week, which banned abortion in nearly all cases.

The predominantly Catholic country has had restrictive legislation in place since 1861, with the amendment ratified by the public in 1983.

While many members and clergy of the Catholic Church, which has a deep and powerful presence in the country, have criticized the decision, others have offered a more positive, progressive view.

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The Oppression of Women, By Women

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds on Friday signed into law the single most restrictive abortion bill in the country. It is being called “the heartbeat bill.”

The legislation will prohibit the administration of an abortion procedure if the fetus’ heartbeat can be detected, which often occurs as early as six weeks into the pregnancy.

Most women don’t even realize that they’re pregnant until the six-week mark since that’s usually the amount of time it takes to insure that you’ve missed your menstrual cycle, thus prompting the usage of a pregnancy test.

So, this bill will essentially prohibit women from receiving an abortion before many of them even know that they’re pregnant.

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Jane Doe’s Keeper

Scott Lloyd, the director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Services has been using his position to collect personal information from pregnant minors in his custody in order to push his conservative, pro-life agenda.

Lloyd has issued orders to his staff requiring them to submit a weekly spreadsheet detailing the number of pregnant unaccompanied minors that have requested an abortion as well as how far along they are in their pregnancy.The longtime anti-abortionist uses the information to target these individuals and connect them with “life-affirming” organizations.

By definition, this man’s job is to oversee the Refugee Resettlement program which is supposed to provide assistance to applicants for refugee status.

He also, however, is responsible for any and all undocumented minors who enter the U.S., which gives him the opportunity to carry out his biased agenda against some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in this country.

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Selective Pro-Life Policy

Senator Bob Nonini (R-ID) has burst onto the national stage with his comments advocating for the execution of women who elect to get an abortion.

I don’t even have the patience or the personal fortitude to talk about this for long without devolving into rage and fury and exasperation.

It has long been established that the criminalization of abortion does nothing but increase both fetal and maternal death rates.

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