Justice, Upended

The Illinois Supreme Court upheld a 7-year sentence for the former police officer who shot African-American teen Laquan McDonald 16 times and killed him in 2014.

Back in January, the former Chicago police officer was given a sentence of six years and nine months despite testimony from multiple black men who had experienced their own violent encounters with Jason Van Dyke which all pointed to a long-standing record of abuse and racial bias.

The state Supreme Court denied a request by the attorney general, Kwame Raoul, to resentence Van Dyke, a decision which has sparked city-wide outrage.

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Six Years, Nine Months for Murder

Jason Van Dyke, the former Chicago police officer who shot 16-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times, received a sentence of six years and nine months for the murder.

Despite outcry from the community and its leaders, Special Prosecutor Joe McMahon — who had recommended a minimum sentence of 18 years — insisted that justice had been served, calling the sentence “significant.”

The paltry sentence was given in light of testimony from multiple black men who experienced their own violent encounters with Van Dyke, indicating a long-standing record of abuse and racial bias.

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Officers Acquitted in Laquan McDonald Case

Tuesday, a Chicago judge acquitted three police officers accused of covering up the murder of then 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in 2014.

The judge’s ruling comes despite major discrepancies between the three officers’ reports as well as dash cam footage that contradicts police claims that McDonald was approaching them aggressively at the time he was shot.

White police officer Jason Van Dyke shot McDonald, who was black, 16 times and was convicted of second-degree murder in October last year.

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Autopsy Confirms EJ Bradford Shot From Behind

Emantic Bradford was shot dead by police in an Alabama mall on Thanksgiving in what police claim was a case of mistaken identity.

Initially police claimed that they’d killed an active shooter in the mall. Then they admitted that the man they had killed wasn’t the shooter.

This week an autopsy confirmed the worst fears of the Bradford family — that EJ died for absolutely no reason and was shot from behind.

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Amber Guyger Indicted for Murder

The white police officer who shot and killed Botham Jean in his own apartment in Texas has recently been indicted for murder.

Originally, Guyger was charged with manslaughter, but a grand jury has decided to pursue the murder charge against her following court testimony.

Guyger had entered the apartment of 26-year-old Botham Jean, who is African-American, on the evening of September 6 and shot and killed Jean, claiming she thought that she was in her own apartment and that he was an intruder.

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Video Footage Contradicts Chicago Police Officer’s Story

Video footage of the encounter between Chicago Police Officer Khalil Muhammed and Ricardo Hayes was just released and contradicts Muhammed’s claims.

Muhammed shot Hayes, an unarmed black man, last year while he was off duty, and claimed that he did so following an “escalated” encounter in which Muhammed thought Hayes was drawing a weapon.

The footage released by the Chicago police accountability office contradicts this claim and shows Muhammed pursuing Hayes in his vehicle and shooting directly at Hayes after he stepped towards the vehicle with his arms at his side.

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Violent Police Officer Resigns

A Baltimore, Maryland police officer resigned after footage of him brutally beating a man was released.

The yet as unidentified officer is seen in the video repeatedly punching 26-year-old DaShawn McGrier, who had attempted to avoid the officer due to a “history” between them.

The officer punched McGrier to the ground and continued beating him, pinning him to the ground with an arm at his throat. McGrier never fought back.

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Remembering Michael Brown

Four years ago today, 18-year old Michael Brown was killed after engaging in a struggle with then 28-year old Officer Darren Wilson.

Brown’s death sent shockwaves through Ferguson, Missouri, where riots and protests lasted for days following the incident.

Today, voters in St. Louis have shown that Brown’s death was not meaningless by ousting Robert McCulloch, the man who declined to file charges against Officer Wilson.

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