Manafort Judge Receives Threats

Those following Paul Manafort’s trial were disappointed today when jurors requested a 5 P.M. end-time for the second day of deliberations.

The request indicated that no verdict would be reached just yet in the high-profile money laundering and fraud case with ties to the president’s potential collusion with Russia during the election.

Manafort served as the president’s campaign manager and has long been a focus of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation with no less than 18 charges against him.

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Life is Getting Harder for Michael Cohen

An anonymous whistleblower from the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has revealed that important financial documents relating to Michael Cohen’s activities were removed from a federal database.

Ronan Farrow, a journalist for The New Yorker, published the story Wednesday, which quickly made headlines across the major media networks.

It’s been established that Michael Cohen, personal lawyer to the president of the United States, set up a shell company called Essential Consultants LLC to both make payments to individuals such as Stephanie Clifford (AKA Stormy Daniels) as well as to receive payments from companies like AT&T.

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Wait, He Said What Now?

Rudy Giuliani, the latest addition to the White House legal team, announced on Fox News Wednesday that the president did indeed reimburse his lawyer, Michael Cohen, for the $130,000 hush-money payment Cohen made to adult film star Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels.

UPDATE 05/04/2018 4:00 PM PST: Giuliani released a statement today attempting to walk back the comments he made Wednesday, claiming that, “The payment was made to resolve a personal and false allegation in order to protect the President’s family. It would have been done in any event, whether he was a candidate or not.”

In response, the president said that, “When Rudy made the statements — Rudy is great — but Rudy had just started, and he wasn’t totally familiar with everything.”

The president has consistently denied any knowledge of the payment as recently as last month.

On Wednesday, Giuliani, speaking on Fox with Sean Hannity, said that the president paid Cohen back in installments for the $130,000 hush-money payment the lawyer made to Clifford before the 2016 election.

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