Changing the Story

As the ongoing shutdown edges closer and closer to becoming the longest in U.S. history, the president has walked back his claim that Mexico would pay for the wall.

As he prepared to leave for a trip to the southern border, Trump told reporters that he “never meant they’re [Mexico] gonna write out a check,” and repeated his claim that new trade deals will “indirectly” force Mexico to foot the bill.

However, those trade deals have not been approved by Congress and show little indication of providing any substantial payment from Mexico — indirect or otherwise — for a border wall.

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House Buckles to Trump’s Demands

After a tumultuous day of many back-and-forth decisions, the House passed a funding bill with $5 billion allocated for the construction of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The vote was 217 to 185; funding for multiple government agencies will expire at midnight tonight.

The bill will now return to the Senate where it is widely expected to fail due to extreme opposition to such immense funding.

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All Asylum Seekers to Stay in Mexico

The Trump administration has announced that all asylum seekers attempting to enter the country through the southern border will be kept in Mexico while their claim is processed.

The policy will apply to all asylum seekers regardless of whether Mexico is their country of origin or not.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen indicated that part of the reasoning behind the policy has to do with the Flores settlement, which prevents the U.S. government from detaining children for an extended period of time.

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Administration Stands By Shutdown

White House senior advisor and infamous xenophobe Stephen Miller doubled down on Trump’s threat to shut down the government Sunday on CBS.

Miller, a driving force behind many of Trump’s cruelest immigration policies, reaffirmed the president’s threats to shut down the government if he does not receive $5 billion in funding for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico in the 2019 budget.

His comments were made during an interview Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

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Border Patrol Shooter Found Not Guilty

Lonnie Swartz, the Border Patrol officer who shot and killed 16-year-old José Antonio Elena Rodríguez through the border fence, was found not guilty last week.

Swartz claims that Rodríguez was throwing rocks through the fence and that this action justified his taking aim at the 16-year-old and shooting him dead.

The second jury to try Swartz has hung on whether to bring a charge of voluntary manslaughter, leaving open the possibility that prosecutors would try him for a third time.

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President Permits Soldiers to Shoot Migrants

The president told U.S. troops to treat the rocks thrown by migrants like rifles and gave the troops permission to “fight back.”

The terrifying rhetoric comes only one day after the president announced he would send as many as 15,000 U.S. troops to the border to fend off the approaching group of migrants seeking refuge and asylum in the United States.

The so-called caravan primarily consists of women and children seeking relief from violence, poverty, and hunger in Central America.

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President May Triple Military Presence at U.S.-Mexico Border

The president is threatening to send as many as 15,000 troops to guard the U.S.-Mexico border as a large group of migrants attempt to gain entry into the country.

The heavy-handed response would see three times the number of troops stationed in Iraq sent to the U.S.-Mexico border; it would also exceed the number of troops in Afghanistan.

It is unclear whether or not the troops at the border will be required to adhere to posse comitatus, which is a law which was passed after the Civil War and prohibits anyone from using the armed forces to uphold domestic laws.

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President to Deploy Troops to U.S.-Mexico Border

The administration is reportedly planning to send some 5,000 troops to block the approaching group of migrants.

Original estimates saw roughly 800 troops being sent to the border, but the president’s inflammatory rhetoric has stirred up hysteria surrounding the asylum seekers and refugees making their way through Mexico.

Many of the individuals in the so-called caravan are from Honduras, a country the United States helped to destabilize in 2009.

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Migrant Caravan Approaches U.S.

The caravan of central American migrants is approaching the United States-Mexico border, its numbers having swelled to at least 7,000.

The president’s response thus far has been to threaten to withdraw aid from Honduras, to call for the declaration of a national emergency, and to threaten to send the military to the border to keep the caravan from entering the United States.

He has also claimed that “unknown Middle Easterners” have taken up with the caravan in an effort to enter the country.

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