Judge Orders Children to be Transferred from Texas Detention Center

Los Angeles Federal Judge Dolly Gee ordered the administration Tuesday to transfer all children from the Shiloh Residential Treatment Center.

Located in Manvel, Texas, the center is the subject of numerous allegations of abuse, prompting Judge Gee to order the transfer of all the children in its custody.

The center has been condemned for injecting the children in its custody with psychotropic drugs without parental consent.

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Independent Monitor Appointed for Immigrant Detention Centers

Los Angeles Federal Judge Dolly Gee has ordered that an independent monitor be appointed to enforce health and safety standards in children detention centers.

The mandate comes amidst widespread reports of abuse inside immigrant detention centers, including injecting children with psychotropic drugs.

The state of Illinois has already green-lighted an investigation into one of the detention centers in Chicago run by nonprofit Heartland Alliance on the basis of similar accusations.

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Maxine Waters’ Offices Evacuated

The California Representative’s offices were evacuated this afternoon in response to a package labeled “anthrax.”

UPDATE 07/25/18 10:35 AM PST: The package sent to Waters’ offices addressed to “Anne Thrax” was removed by a hazardous materials team and determined to not be dangerous.

“There was no evidence of any dangerous substance at all. They’re probably going to investigate to see where this item came from.”  — LAPD Spokesperson Mike Lopez

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Predictive Policing

The Los Angeles Police Department will soon begin using data from data-mining company Palantir that will further target police activity and presence in designated “hot spots.”

The data from Palantir will allow the LAPD to identify “chronic offenders,” and subject them to surveillance.

A report released this week by research and activist organization Stop LAPD Spying Coalition shows that only a very small portion of the LA population bears the heaviest burden of police surveillance.

According to the report, only 2% of residents reported that they were stopped by police 11-30 times or more per week on average, while 76% of respondents said they had never been stopped at all.

The population of Los Angeles is approximately 3.976 million, meaning that roughly 79,520 LA residents are being stopped by the police 11-30 times or more per week while the remaining 3.896 million residents live their lives free of harassment.

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