GOP Candidate Thinks Everyone Should be Christian

North Carolina Republican candidate Mark Harris says that Muslims and Jews must accept Jesus Christ as their savior in order to bring peace to the Middle East.

Harris has repeatedly made Islamophobic comments and has argued that Islam is a creation of Satan.

Harris has also referred to Allah, the Muslim God, as both the “anti-Christ” and “the Beast.”

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Presidential Twitter Rants, Nationwide Protests

As people protest the government’s forced separation of thousands of immigrant families across the country, the president unleashed a xenophobic Tweet storm calling for the repeal of due process for immigrants.

“Occupy ICE” protests have been taking places across the country to demand the reunification of immigrant families separated at the border, with one center in Portland, Oregon forced to shut down amidst a days-long sit-in at the facility.

But even as activists and politicians alike gathered around the country chanting, “Set the children free,” the president of the United States launched into one of his most xenophobic Twitter rants to date, asserting that immigrants should be deported immediately without seeing a judge or having a trial — basically without due process.

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Predictive Policing

The Los Angeles Police Department will soon begin using data from data-mining company Palantir that will further target police activity and presence in designated “hot spots.”

The data from Palantir will allow the LAPD to identify “chronic offenders,” and subject them to surveillance.

A report released this week by research and activist organization Stop LAPD Spying Coalition shows that only a very small portion of the LA population bears the heaviest burden of police surveillance.

According to the report, only 2% of residents reported that they were stopped by police 11-30 times or more per week on average, while 76% of respondents said they had never been stopped at all.

The population of Los Angeles is approximately 3.976 million, meaning that roughly 79,520 LA residents are being stopped by the police 11-30 times or more per week while the remaining 3.896 million residents live their lives free of harassment.

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Personal Compensation Turned Community Funding

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson had a chance to get rich after they were wrongfully arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks last month in an incident of racial profiling.

Instead, the two settled with the city and the company for a symbolic $1 each, using their moment of power and influence to coordinate a $200,000 grant for student entrepreneurs.

According to NPR, the pair also settled a separate settlement with the city and the coffee chain that secured an undisclosed financial sum, as well as the ability to complete their bachelors degrees through an online program created for Starbucks employees in cooperation with Arizona State University.

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Autopsy Controversy

An official autopsy report released by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office on Stephon Clark contradicts the independent autopsy that the family commissioned.

The county’s report claims that Clark was shot three times in the back as opposed to the six times documented in the independent autopsy.

Clark was killed by police in his grandmother’s backyard the night of March 18; authorities claimed he was holding a gun, but found only a cell phone next to his body.

The independent autopsy was conducted at the end of March by Dr. Bennet Omalu, who is most well-known for his pioneering discoveries in the field of neural trauma.

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Racism Shuts Down Starbucks

After two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks after being accused of trespassing, the CEO of the international coffee company, Kevin Johnson, has announced he will shut down more than 8,000 U.S. locations to conduct racial bias training with the company’s employees.

Rashon Nelson, one of the two men who were arrested, said that he had asked to use the restroom but was denied because he hadn’t purchased anything.

When he returned to his seat without purchasing anything, the manager called the police and reported that the men were refusing to leave.

While Nelson recognizes that “rules are rules,” Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson disagrees:

“Our practices and training led to a bad outcome — the basis for the call to the Philadelphia police department was wrong,”

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross has also apologized to Nelson and his companion, Donte Robinson, for the role he played in escalating the situation.

“I want to acknowledge their pain and the pain of so many others, and commit our city to healing it together over the coming days, weeks and months,”

The two African-American men were awaiting the arrival of a third person to conduct a business meeting. The third man arrived as Robinson and Nelson were being arrested.

“The optics are not lost on me. It is obvious the issue of race is indicative of a larger problem in our society, and I should not at all be the person that is a party to making anything worse relative to race relations. Shame on me if in any way I have done that. … I have to do better.”  – Richard Ross, Philadelphia police commissioner

The company plans to carry out the training for 175,000 employees on the afternoon of May 29.

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