1,600 Migrants En Route to U.S.

A caravan of some 1,600 Honduran migrants is approaching the U.S. through Guatemala in search of asylum and legal immigration.

The migrants gathered in the city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras on Saturday and passed into Guatemala on Monday in spite of the government’s attempts to dissuade them from making the journey.

President Trump has threatened to cut aid to Honduras if the caravan does not turn back and has already floated the idea of reinstating the infamous Zero Tolerance Policy at the U.S.-Mexico border as White House advisor Stephen Miller advocates for harsher consequences for those who cross the border.

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Six Thousand Families Wasn’t Enough

The administration is considering reinstating the zero tolerance policy at the border as Stephen Miller advocates for even harsher consequences.

This announcement comes only days after it was revealed that the administration had forcibly separated upwards of 6,000 families at the U.S.-Mexico border; a sum far larger than previously thought.

As streams of asylum seekers continue to trickle from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, White House advisor Stephen Miller argues that the consequences for reaching the United States must be even harsher

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Administration Decimates U.S. Refugee Quota

The Trump administration has cut the total number of refugees allowed to enter the U.S. to just 30,000 next year.

The decision will bring refugee allowances in the country to an historic low, and it is expected that even fewer than 30,000 will actually be admitted.

Last year, the U.S. admitted only 45,000 refugees, a figure less than half of the peak admittance rates under the Obama administration.

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ACLU, Administration to Agree on Reunification Plan

Reuters is reporting that the administration and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have virtually come to an agreement on a family reunification plan.

While there are still certain details that need ironing out, both organizations have agreed to the second stage plans for reuniting immigrant families separated at the border by the Trump administration.

At this time, more than 500 children remain separated from their parents despite the court-ordered deadline that demanded total reunification by July 26 — nearly a month ago.

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More Than 700 Immigrant Families Still Separated

Despite yesterday’s deadline to reunite all separated immigrant children with their families, more than 700 still remain separated.

The government is claiming that these 711 children are “ineligible” for reunification.

Reasons for this vary from their parents already having been deported — at least 430 of them — to the government being unable to locate the correct parent or guardian.  Continue reading

Be Like Elin Ersson

Elin Ersson, a student from Sweden, prevented the deportation of an Afghan asylum seeker by refusing to take her seat on a plane.

The entire incident was captured on Facebook Live by Ersson despite flight attendants’ attempts to confiscate her phone.

Ersson and other activists bought tickets on the flight which traveled from Gothenburg, Sweden, to Istanbul, Turkey, after they discovered an Afghan deportee would be on board.

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Mesut Özil Quits German Team

The star of the German football team has resigned in protest over the racist treatment he has received following this year’s World Cup.

Following this year’s competition, Özil was the chosen scapegoat of the German people for their team’s defeat in this year’s World Cup.

“I am German when we win, but I am an immigrant when we lose.”  — Özil

His resignation comes amidst international criticism directed towards France, whose primarily Muslim-immigrant team carried them to victory despite the harsh policies the French government has enacted against Muslims and immigrants.

Last Day Before the Deadline

Tomorrow marks the court-mandated deadline for the administration to reunite all 3,000 immigrant children separated from their parents.

After the administration failed to reunite the hundred or so children under the age of five who had been separated from their parents, San Diego Federal Judge Dana Sabraw extended the general deadline and gave the administration until tomorrow, July 26, to reunite every single separated child.

As a new court filing shows that as many as 463 immigrant parents have already been deported without their children, the hope for complete reunification of all separated families dims.

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Allegations of Abuse at Chicago Detention Center

Illinois state officials are investigating the nonprofit Heartland Alliance over allegations that the immigrant children in their custody suffered abuse and neglect.

The nonprofit, which claims to be “ending poverty,” is accused of injecting at least one child with a drug that made him sleepy, denying another child medication after breaking his arm, and preventing children from hugging their siblings.

This news comes as the administration has announced that it cannot locate the parents of at least 71 children who were forcibly separated at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Judge Orders Stay of Deportations

Federal Judge Dana Sabraw of San Diego has ordered that the federal government stay all deportations of reunited families for one week.

Following a massive increase in deportations of recently reunited immigrant families, Judge Dana Sabraw has ordered the government to cease deportations for one week.

His order comes after the government admitted it was unable to reunite at least a dozen immigrant children with their parents because they had already been deported.

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