Birth Control: Administration to Expand Religious Exemptions

In keeping with the GOP’s evangelical base, the administration plans to expand religious exemptions allowing employers to deny employee birth control coverage.

The exemptions allow employers to cite moral and/or religious objections when choosing to deny their employees healthcare coverage for birth control.

Last year, the president attempted to reverse the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate that required employers to cover birth control, but lawsuits from several states prevented the repeal from going through. These new policy changes could render those lawsuits entirely pointless.

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Net Neutrality Repeal Endangers Lives

A California county is joining the lawsuit to reinstate Net Neutrality after their firefighters’ wireless data was restricted while battling a deadly blaze.

Santa Clara County firefighters battling the Mendocino Complex Fire – the largest fire in the state’s history – had their wireless data restricted to just one half of one percent of their normal coverage in the midst of fighting the inferno.

Now, the county is suing internet service provider Verizon on the grounds that the restriction of their data imperiled both civilian lives as well as the lives of the firefighters themselves.

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FBI Sacks Peter Strzok

In a departure from FBI procedure and recommendation, the agent who criticized Trump via text message before the election has been fired.

It is yet another example in an ever-lengthening list of troubling instances in which government officials and agencies choose to prioritize their fear of the president’s displeasure ahead of what is right.

The official in charge of employee discipline as well as the bureau’s office of professional responsibility had both recommended that Strzok be suspended for 60 days and that his supervisory responsibilities be revoked — not that he be fired.

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Seattle Takes the First Step

The city of Seattle, Washington has taken the first step in combating plastic pollution by banning plastic straws and utensils.

Seattle is now the first major U.S. city to ban single-use plastic items in an effort to combat the global plastic pollution crisis.

A handful of other cities and nations across the world have implemented similar bans as the evidence of human pollution becomes overwhelming.

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Former Southwest Key Programs Employee Sounds the Alarm

Antar Davidson quit his job with the nonprofit Southwest Key Programs after he was forced to tell children separated from their parents that they were not allowed to hug.

This is the same nonprofit that denied entry to Senator Jeff Merkely (D-OR) earlier this month when he attempted to enter the Casa Padre detention center in Brownsville, Texas, only to have the cops called on him.

Davidson was a youth care worker for the nonprofit and was working at a detention center in Tuscon — one of the 27 total facilities controlled by Southwest Key Programs.

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Mulvaney Guts Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

In keeping with the current administration’s agenda to render important governmental departments toothless, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney fired the entire 25-member board of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on Wednesday.

Earlier this year, Mulvaney actually submitted a funding request for the bureau of precisely $0 and has consistently supported bills that would have eliminated the bureau all together.

In his short six-month tenure in the bureau Mulvaney has worked tirelessly to use the bureau to support big business interests.

The bureau’s policy associate director Anthony Welcher reportedly told board members that they were not permitted to reapply for their positions after their dismissal.

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Why is a Former Migrant Worker Running Detention Centers for the U.S. Government?

Former migrant worker Dr. Juan J. Sanchez is the founder and CEO of Southwest Key Programs, the non-profit organization that runs the Casa Padre immigrant detention center in Brownsville, Texas which denied entry to Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

UPDATED 06/21/18 08:37 A.M. PST: The president has signed an order he claims will put an end to the policy, but there’s a catch that insures Sanchez will continue to profit. Read more →

According to the official Southwest Key Programs website, the nonprofit organization is dedicated to “Opening doors to opportunity so individuals can achieve their dreams.”

On the organization’s About page, Sanchez is described as having been “shaped by his experiences as a young migrant worker.”

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Say Goodbye to Dodd-Frank

Congress made the bipartisan decision Tuesday to exempt all but 10 U.S. banks from key regulations in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

The act was passed after the 2008 economic crisis, which was brought on by decades of risky lending on the part of Wall Street banks.

However, on Tuesday, Congress voted overwhelmingly — 258-159 — to exempt banks with less than $250 billion in assets, despite the fact that banks’ profits are skyrocketing.

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