Why Trump’s Lies Are So Dangerous

Once again, the president has told a blatant lie that is easily proven false while on national television, and it’s causing more damage than you think.

If you took a look at any major news site yesterday, you would have seen headlines like “Donald Trump’s Lies: 3 theories on why they don’t seem to faze him,” or “Trump can get away with lying because he’s so loud about it.”

They may seem innocent enough, and even relevant, but the narrative they create is both insidious and terribly dangerous.

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‘Thermal Whiplash’ Up Next for Midwest, East Coast

Meteorologists are predicting that the polar vortex gripping much of the U.S. will give way to rapid warming and ‘thermal whiplash.’

At least 12 people have died in the harsh conditions brought on by a heat wave at the North Pole which displaced frigid air cold enough to induce frostbite nearly immediately.

Thanks to climate change, the North Pole experienced a rapid temperature increase, called ‘sudden stratospheric warming,’ of nearly 125 degrees due to air moving up from the south; that rapid warming is what sent all the cold air rushing down through Canada and into the Lower 48.

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Cohen Subpoenaed, Trump Crumbled

Michael Cohen has been subpoenaed to testify before the Senate, and the standoff between Nancy Pelosi and the president ended with Trump buckling to her demands.

It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours. In the same day that the president insisted he would hold the State of the Union address despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s insistence otherwise, he then buckled and agreed to postpone the address.

In a similar turn of events, just as Michael Cohen’s lawyers announced that he would not be appearing in front of Congress due to threats from the president and Rudy Giuliani, the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed him to appear before them. This testimony, however, will be behind closed doors, while his testimony before the House Oversight Committee would have been public.

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TSA Workforce at 90 Percent Sunday

CNN and other news outlets are reporting that as much as ten percent of the TSA workforce called out sick Sunday amidst the ongoing government shutdown.

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), as many as one in ten of its agents called in Sunday, many of them citing “financial limitations” as the reason why they could not work.

Despite the tremendous lack of staffing, the TSA reported that wait times continued to hover within the average, although certain airports were hit harder than others.

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BuzzFeed v. Mueller

Last week, Robert Mueller’s office quashed a report by BuzzFeed claiming the president directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. BuzzFeed, however, stands by the report.

The initial report claimed that Trump directed his then lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress regarding the status of the negotiations for the Trump Tower in Moscow.

Within hours of its release, Mueller’s office publicly denounced the validity of the report, but BuzzFeed is standing by its reporting.

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McConnell Keeps the Shutdown Going

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has once again blocked a vote to end the government shutdown, citing the lack of border wall funding and presidential approval.

For the second time, McConnell shot down a House-approved bill to reopen the federal government in the Senate; he had previously vowed not to approve any resolution that didn’t have the president’s explicit approval.

This comes as Trump attempted to stage a mini coup by inviting Democratic lawmakers to the White House without House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi to negotiate the wall over a “working lunch.” None attended.

A Foreign Agent for President

A bombshell New York Times piece reports that the FBI has been investigating the president due to concerns that he may be working “on behalf of Russia.”

The investigation was apparently launched shortly after Trump fired former FBI director James Comey over the launch of a probe into potential Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

In essence, investigators have been attempting to determine whether or not the president’s actions — namely, firing Comey — consitute a national security threat, and if he has been knowingly or unknowingly compromised by Russian influence.

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Saudi Asylum Seeker Granted Refuge in Canada

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qanun, who live-Tweeted her battle to escape her abusive family by seeking asylum, has found refuge in Canada.

Al-Qanun fled her abusive family in Saudi Arabia, seeking asylum in Australia on the grounds that she believed her father and brother would kill her for renouncing her Islamic faith — a crime which carries the death penalty.

She was intercepted and detained by Thai officials and nearly deported back to her family, but was granted refugee status by the United Nations Human Rights Council and given asylum in Canada.

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Saudi Asylum Seeker Granted Refugee Status

The United Nations Human Rights Council has granted refugee status to Saudi asylum seeker Rahaf Mohammed al-Qanun.

Al-Qanun was traveling through Thailand with Australia as her final destination, and was using a tourist visa to gain entry to the country.

However, when it became clear that tourism was not her intention, Australian officials declared that she would not be granted entry and airport staff in Thailand attempted to force Mohammed to return to Saudi Arabia, prompting her to barricade herself in the airport and live-stream her experience on Twitter.

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