Senate Votes to End Support for War in Yemen

The Senate made an historic bipartisan vote to force the Trump administration to halt its military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

The war, which has killed some 85,000 Yemeni children and pushed tens of thousands more to the brink of starvation, has relied heavily on military and tactical support from the United States.

Today’s 56-to-41 vote is the first time that the Senate has invoked the War Powers Act to challenge U.S. military activity abroad.

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OPINION: We Can’t Afford to Wait on Democrats

Democrats have just retaken the House, but life on earth can’t afford to wait for them to cut through the red tape of a corporate state.

Th oceans have absorbed 60% more heat than scientists predicted based on our carbon output, meaning that the oceans are warming at an exponential rate rather than an incremental rate.

Drastic declines in insect populations have signaled what the United Nations is calling inevitable ecosystem collapse — and they predict it will happen in the next two years.

Partisan squabbles are meaningless in the face of what is shaping up to be the potential extinction of the human race and life on earth as we know it.

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Two Years Until Ecosystem Collapse

The United Nations is warning that if humanity does not take drastic action to protect biodiversity, we will see entire ecosystems collapse in the next two years.

It is a terrifying reality we face.

A recent report from the journal Nature shows that humanity is responsible for the extinction of 60% of the globe’s animal species since the 1970s, and this most recent announcement suggests that the rate of extinction is only increasing.  Continue reading

Children of the World are Breathing Poison

The World Health Organization reports that 90 percent of children under 15 breathe toxic air ahead of a global conference in Geneva.

That percentage represents 1.8 billion children whose health and development are being negatively impacted every day.

The statistics are appalling, and the chances of turning them around under current global leadership are equally abysmal.

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Trump to Withdraw Birthright Citizenship

The president is threatening to issue an executive order putting an end to birthright citizenship in the United States.

It is unclear, however, if his executive order would be enough to actually enforce the change since it would be in direct conflict with the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, a document which the president has sworn to uphold and protect.

The 14th Amendment was passed shortly after the Civil War to guarantee citizenship to slaves born in this country regardless of which state they may have been in.

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SCOTUS Complicit in Census Suppression

The Supreme Court chose Monday to protect Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from having to answer to his role in adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

A federal judge had recently ordered Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to cooperate with the deposition, but the Supreme Court overturned the order Monday.

Mother Jones reported last month that Ross lied under oath to Congress about his role in adding the citizenship question, claiming that the Justice Department requested the addition, when, in reality, it was Ross himself who pushed to include the controversial question.

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14-Year Leak Worst Offshore Spill in History

The Washington Post is reporting that the 14-year-long oil spill of the coast of Louisiana is on track to become the worst offshore oil spill in history.

In 2004, Hurricane Ivan sank an oil platform owned by Taylor Energy; the company proceeded to cover up the spill for six years before environmental groups finally discovered it when investigating the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon spill only miles away.

The sunken oil platform currently releases between 300 and 700 barrels of oil per day, with little hope that it will stop any time soon.

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Supreme Court Limits the Indigenous Vote

Last week, the Supreme Court upheld a decision that will severely limit the ability of Native Americans in North Dakota to vote.

The decision was originally made in a lower court, but has just been reaffirmed by the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh did not participate, and both Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Elena Kagan dissented.

Now, North Dakota voters will be required to produce certain types of identification as well as proof of their residential address in order to vote.

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We Want to Live: An Open Letter to Climate Change Obstructionists

Scientists have just announced that humanity has just about a decade to get itself figured out before we have to face destruction.

My partner of six years and I got married at the beginning of September, and now, about a month later, we’re discovering that we probably only have the better part of a decade to look forward to together.

The state of the world and our environment has always been one of our top concerns, and it was something we discussed at length before getting married. Now it’s something we have to discuss even more seriously, especially considering that we had hoped to have a family.

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