The Field Widens

Representatives Eric Swalwell (CA) and Tim Ryan (OH) have both officially announced their candidacies for president of the United States, bringing the total number of Democratic contenders to no less than 18.

Ryan announced his bid during a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, and focused his message around re-enfranchising the “fly-over states.”

Swalwell made his announcement on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and emphasized the importance of economic equity and gun reform.

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Trump Does Democrats a Favor

The president recently backtracked his statements that the GOP would soon become the “party of healthcare,” and is now saying that no Republican healthcare proposal will be made until after the 2020 election.

As blatantly irresponsible as the decision may be, it opens up a tremendous opportunity for Democratic candidates hoping to win the presidency.

With only a single Republican candidate bereft of any comprehensive healthcare plan or policy, Democrats have the opportunity to speak unopposed on healthcare — a chance that we as a nation cannot afford to pass up.

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The Opening Roster

The 2020 election season has kicked off at full throttle with more than a dozen Democrat hopefuls throwing their hat in the race for the White House.

UPDATED 04/09/2019 02:08 PM PST

With so many presidential candidates, it’s nearly impossible to keep them all straight. Iron Triangle Press aims to provide you with an activist’s perspective on each of these candidates and their policies to help you make the most informed choice possible come election day.

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