Border Patrol Agent Confesses to Serial Killings

U.S. Navy veteran and Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Juan David Ortiz has confessed to the serial killing of four female sex workers.

Authorities were alerted to the killings when a fifth intended victim managed to escape and sought help.

He confessed shortly after his arrest.

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More Tariffs on China

The president has decided to implement an additional 10% tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese products, increasing to 25% by the end of the year.

These latest tariffs are in addition to the preexisting tariffs against $50 billion in Chinese products.

With this latest increase, approximately half of all Chinese imports to the United States will be hit by tariffs.

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Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh to Testify Before Senate

Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh will both testify before the Senate next Monday regarding Ford’s claim that he attempted to rape her in the 1980s.

Although she tried hard to remain anonymous, once reporters began snooping around her home and work, 51-year old Christine Blasey Ford decided that the only person who would tell her story moving forward would be herself.

Now, she and Kavanaugh have both agreed to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the allegations on Monday.

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Texas Education Reaches New Low

The Texas State Board of Education has chosen to keep Moses’ influence on modern politics in textbooks over Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller.

The jaw dropping vote took place Friday and secured Moses’ place in school textbooks while eliminating mentions of both Helen Keller and Hillary Clinton.

The decision will affect the educational materials and curriculum of some 5.4 million schoolchildren.

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Survivor of Kavanaugh Assault Steps Forward

Christine Blasey Ford, a 51-year old research psychologist, has stepped forward as the one who sent a letter to her representative, Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Ford is a psychologist and professor currently living in Northern California.

She identified herself through a story published yesterday by The Washington Post, in which she discussed the letter detailing her experience with Kavanaugh back when the two were high schoolers.

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John Kerry vs. Mike Pompeo

The current Secretary of State has criticized his predecessor, John Kerry, for meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s main point of contention is that these meetings occurred after Kerry left office.

He has ridiculed Kerry’s decision, calling the whole affair “unseemly and unprecedented.”

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At Least Five Dead in Hurricane Florence

Two of the storm’s first victims were a mother and infant who were killed when a tree fell on their home.

A 78-year old man in North Carolina died plugging in a generator while another man, 77, was killed when a powerful gust knocked him down.

In the town of Hampstead, a woman had a heart attack and perished when debris prevented emergency responders from reaching her.

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