“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”  – Desmond Tutu

The perspectives and voices of marginalized communities in the United States have gone unheard and ignored for too long in mainstream media, and Americans in general feel like they can’t trust the obviously biased information they’ve been fed for so many years; people on all sides of the political spectrum can agree that “fake news” is a nationwide epidemic and that not all sides of the story are being told.

We at Iron Triangle Press aim to focus on the stories that don’t make major media headlines and to look at them from a critical perspective that takes into account the dire need in our country for intersectionality and equity in all industries and aspects of daily life.

It is also important to us to cover the stories that do get picked up by the mainstream media and to re-examine them from a more holistic perspective.
More than anything, we hope to engage new voices and elevate new perspectives and experiences on both the social as well as the political stages.

Iron Triangle Press is an independent, privately managed, not-for-profit news source. We are eager to expand on our current community-sourcing platform; if you are interested in joining the volunteer team, please send an email with your qualifications, areas of journalistic interest, and a sample of your writing to irontrianglepress@gmail.com

— Rye Eliot, Founder & Author of Iron Triangle Press