The Field Widens

Representatives Eric Swalwell (CA) and Tim Ryan (OH) have both officially announced their candidacies for president of the United States, bringing the total number of Democratic contenders to no less than 18.

Ryan announced his bid during a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, and focused his message around re-enfranchising the “fly-over states.”

Swalwell made his announcement on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and emphasized the importance of economic equity and gun reform.

“The flyover states are my states. The flyover states are your states. And the flyover states are going to start governing in the United States of America again.”


Ryan used to receive a grade “A” rating from the NRA and used to oppose women’s access to reproductive health care but has since reversed both stances.

Now, Ryan believes that women should be in control of their own bodies, and after the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, he began donating all contributions from the NRA to gun control efforts.

Swalwell is also a vocal supporter of gun reform and backs Medicare for all as well as the Green New Deal.

“I talk to teachers and truckers and, you know, nurses. And they feel like they’re just running in place and it’s not adding up to anything. I talk to people who are just like me, who are the first in their family to go to college, who’ve got a lot of student debt, can’t buy a home, can’t start a business. I talk to kids who sit in their classroom afraid that they’ll be the next victim of gun violence.”


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