Trump Does Democrats a Favor

The president recently backtracked his statements that the GOP would soon become the “party of healthcare,” and is now saying that no Republican healthcare proposal will be made until after the 2020 election.

As blatantly irresponsible as the decision may be, it opens up a tremendous opportunity for Democratic candidates hoping to win the presidency.

With only a single Republican candidate bereft of any comprehensive healthcare plan or policy, Democrats have the opportunity to speak unopposed on healthcare — a chance that we as a nation cannot afford to pass up.

Since the Affordable Care Act went into effect, it has saved the United States upwards of $2.3 trillion, as well as countless lives.

Before the Affordable Care Act, individuals with life-threatening conditions faced the harsh reality that they would most likely exceed their annual and lifetime insurance caps long before their disease is managed, leaving them with no way to pay for medical treatment moving forward.

Children born prematurely and with disabilities, like Xiomara Hung, faced death as an infant because staying in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can cost as much as $3 million, maxing out a child’s lifetime cap before they even reach their first birthday.

Some parents had to get divorced in order to qualify for single-parent, low-income benefits to pay for their children’s healthcare.

Others sold off their cars, mortgaged their homes, and sold off virtually all of their assets in order to pay for medical care.

Before the ACA, millions of families in this country were being destroyed by the costs of simply staying alive.

This reality is possible because of the private insurance industry and the barrier to entry that it creates for low-income or unemployed individuals.

While the administration is still trying to overturn the ACA, the president has now made it very clear that he and his party can offer no real alternative to the landmark healthcare bill, which gives Democrats both the opportunity as well as the responsibility to fill that void.


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