Tornillo Tent Camp Shut Down

The Tornillo tent camp which up until recently held thousands of immigrant children has been shut down.

The tent camp that has been the target of sustained direct action on the part of immigrant rights activists has finally been shut down.

The “Christmas at Tornillo” protesters had blocked entrances to the detention center and staged ongoing demonstrations to voice their oppposition towards the policy of immigrant detention and family separation.

Democratic lawmakers and health professionals had also criticized the detention center, which closed its doors Friday.

“Now that the children are gone—we’ve gotten confirmation from people inside and from politicians who have also been told that all the children are gone, mostly to sponsors, to family sponsors. And we’re very happy about that. And we’re also very concerned, because we know that there are detention centers in other parts of the country.”  — Janie Stein, activist

As Stein pointed out, despite the fact that this particular immigrant detention center has closed, there are still dozens more throughout the country, and while most of the children were supposedly placed with sponsors, there is very little past evidence to instill faith that the government will be able to keep tabs on the children’s locations once they are in the custody of those sponsors.

Iron Triangle Press continues to report on the administration’s immigrant detention policy.

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  1. Thank you for keeping an eye on this. Just because they’re gone from Tornillo, doesn’t mean they aren’t housed elsewhere.

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