Trump Shutdown: Day 20

The president literally walked out of a meeting with legislators discussing the shutdown, his favorite agency is suing him, and no one is making sure our food is safe anymore.

The consequences of the prolonged government shutdown are beginning to impact even the president, who is being sued by his favorite agency for forcing them to work without pay.

Trump walked out of a meeting with Democratic lawmakers who held firm against providing additional funding for the border wall, saying it was a “waste of time,” thereby prolonging the shutdown even further.

The federal employees union that represents Customs and Border Protection has filed a lawsuit against the administration for forcing thousands of its members to work without pay.

The lawsuit comes as record numbers of TSA agents are calling out sick to protest the same conditions, leaving our airports, airplanes, and people vulnerable.

Similarly, the majority of food inspections have stopped during the shutdown, increasing the likelihood of yet another food-borne illness outbreak.

In his address Tuesday night, the president focused, however erroneously, on the number of U.S. citizens killed by illegal immigrants (spoiler alert, there aren’t many).

He used that fiction as a basis for the continued shutdown of the government, saying that Democrats are endangering our people by refusing to fund border security.

The reality is that illegal immigration at the southern border has been declining, and the entire country is in danger because of the president’s stubbornness and ignorance.

At this point, we face a much greater threat from within than from without.

Iron Triangle Press continues to report on the soon-to-be longest government shutdown in U.S. history.


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