Saudi Asylum Seeker Granted Refugee Status

The United Nations Human Rights Council has granted refugee status to Saudi asylum seeker Rahaf Mohammed al-Qanun.

Al-Qanun was traveling through Thailand with Australia as her final destination, and was using a tourist visa to gain entry to the country.

However, when it became clear that tourism was not her intention, Australian officials declared that she would not be granted entry and airport staff in Thailand attempted to force Mohammed to return to Saudi Arabia, prompting her to barricade herself in the airport and live-stream her experience on Twitter.


The United Nations Human Rights Council granted al-Qanun refugee status and has urged the Australian government to accept her claim to asylum.

Al-Qanun fled her family and alleges they subjected her to physical and psychological abuse and claims that she will be jailed or killed if sent back because she has renounced her Muslim faith.

In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for a Muslim to convert or renounce their faith; apostasy is a crime punishable by death.


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