New Revelations in Mueller Probe

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s filing is in: Paul Manafort is a documented liar and Michael Cohen deserves jail time.

In his filing, Mueller detailed five distinct lies Manafort told his team after agreeing to cooperate in exchange for a plea deal.

Mueller also recommended that Cohen, the president’s former lawyer, receive “substantial” jail time for tax fraud and campaign finance violations.

Aside from lying about his communications with Konstantin Kilimnik, a man with ties to Russian intelligence and a suspected player in the hacking of the DNC, it seems Manafort and Kilimnik also worked together to tamper with key witnesses.

The special counsel’s team was able to obtain “travel documents” and “electronic communications” related to Manafort’s communication with Kilimnik, but the records themselves were heavily redacted from the filing.

Mueller also revealed that he possessed text messages from Manafort to Trump administration officials as recently as 2017 — after his indictment.

The president began railing against Mueller long before the filling was ever made, taking to Twitter in the early-morning hours to lambast the report and attempt to cast someone else into the unwanted spotlight.






Most disturbing of all, however, was his tweet three hours later asserting that no future president should have to endure an investigation again.


The president claims that his team has already drafted an 87-page rebuttal to Mueller’s report, but that it “obviously” won’t be released until all of Mueller’s cards are on the table.

All this comes as we discover that White House Chief of Staff, who apparently has not spoken with the president for days now, was also interviewed by Mueller in relation to the Russia investigation.

The line of questioning apparently revolved around Kelly’s memory of an episode that occurred after reporting broke suggesting that Trump had attempted to fire Mueller.

Mueller initially requested to interview Kelly following the raids on Michael Cohen’s home and office and was met with resistance by both the president and his attorneys.

Kelly is one of the few high-ranking White House officials to be interviewed who wasn’t closely involved in Trump’s election campaign, having joined the administration in July of 2017.

Additionally, it is being reported that George Papadopoulos, the president’s former campaign foreign policy advisor and the first to be sent to prison by Mueller, was released from prison today, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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