California Air Quality Worst in the World

As the death toll in the Camp Fire in Butte County continues to climb, much of California’s air quality is rated as being the most toxic in the world.

At least 77 people have died in the Camp Fire in Butte County in Northern California and nearly 1,000 are still missing.

The fire decimated the small, rural town of Paradise, which the president visited over the weekend and mistakenly referred to as “Pleasure.”

Trump: “You don’t really see the gravity of it. I mean, as big as they look on the tube, you don’t see what’s going on until you come here. And what we saw at Pleasure—what a name right now—but what we just saw, we just left Pleasure.”

FEMA Administrator Brock Long: “Paradise.”

Trump: “Or Paradise. And what we just saw at Paradise, is just, you know, it’s just not acceptable.”

Parts of the Bay Area were clocking in at as much as 250 parts per million — a measurement of the fine particulate matter that is in the air.

A rating of 250 is considered extremely unhealthy and forced school closures throughout most of last week across Bay Area school districts.

Public authorities are encouraging California residents to limit their time outdoors and to wear N95 particle masks whenever venturing outside.

The president blamed poor forest management for the record-breaking wildfires that have swept through both Northern and Southern California this month despite the fact that only 2-3% of California forests are actually managed by the state.

Outgoing Governor Jerry Brown contends that the fires are the result of climate change rather than forest mismanagement.

“This is not the new normal. This is the new abnormal, and this new abnormal will continue certainly in the next 10 to 15 years.”  — Brown

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