Would-Be Bombers Blame Trump

Three Kansas men convicted of plotting to bomb a mosque and murder Somali Muslim refugees in 2016 are blaming the president for their behavior.

The three men are facing life sentences for conspiring to detonate a bomb inside a mosque and for plotting to murder Somali Muslim refugees, but their lawyers insist that they should not be blamed for their decisions.

Instead, the lawyers argue that the “rhetorical China bull who is now our president” is the one who should shoulder the blame.

“The court cannot ignore the circumstances of one of the most rhetorically mold-breaking, violent, awful, hateful and contentious presidential elections in modern history, driven in large measure by the rhetorical China shop bull who is now our president.”  — Jim Pratt, attorney to Patrick Eugene Stein

Stein and two associates started planning to bomb a Kansas apartment complex that contained a mosque back in 2016; according to prosecutors, the men referred to Muslims as “cockroaches” and were found guilty in April.

The apartment complex is home to some 120 Somali immigrants.

They planned their attack for the day after the 2016 election, but were apprehended by the FBI a month prior following an eight-month investigation.

Pratt argues in a court filing that because Trump won the election, it is quite possible that the three men would not have followed through with their plot.

“Trump’s win changed everything, and it is reasonable to speculate that it would have changed things among the defendants as well.”

The three men are identified as Patrick Eugene Stein, 49; Curtis Allen, 50; and Gavin Wright, 49.

Their sentencing is set for this Friday; Iron Triangle Press will continue to follow their story.




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