Synagogue Shooter Pleads Not Guilty

In a filing that truly makes one’s head spin, the defense attorneys for Robert Bowers have entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.

It is a statement that underscores just how far into the metaphorical twilight zone we have come in the past two years.

A man who quite literally was caught red-handed in the act of murdering multiple individuals, and who engaged in an exchange of fire with law enforcement during which time he sustained a gunshot wound, has plead not guilty.

The domestic terrorist and anti-Semite is faced with 44 charges, 32 of which are punishable by death.

Michael Novara, one of Bowers’ federal public defenders, has said that his client plead guilty “as is typical at this stage of the proceeding.”

CNN reports that this same man who is pleading guilty to hate crimes fueled by antisemitic sentiment was treated by Jewish doctors — and continued to spew his hate-filled rhetoric.

“Isn’t it ironic that somebody who’s yelling in the ambulance and the hospital, ‘I want to kill all the Jews,’ is taken care of by a Jewish nurse, and there’s a Jewish hospital president that comes in to check on him afterwards.” — Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, top administrator for Allegheny General Hospital

Dr. Cohen is also a member of the Tree of Life synagogue where the shooting took place. 2018-11-01_153813

Three days of funerals for the victims have already taken place with a fourth today and the rest planned for the rest of this week and next.

The shooting is being called the worst antisemitic incident in U.S. history.

Iron Triangle Press will continue to follow this case.





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