Migrant Caravan Approaches U.S.

The caravan of central American migrants is approaching the United States-Mexico border, its numbers having swelled to at least 7,000.

The president’s response thus far has been to threaten to withdraw aid from Honduras, to call for the declaration of a national emergency, and to threaten to send the military to the border to keep the caravan from entering the United States.

He has also claimed that “unknown Middle Easterners” have taken up with the caravan in an effort to enter the country.

Of course, the tweet may have carried more weight if the president had managed to spell “emergency” correctly.

The United Nations reports that the caravan has expanded to include approximately 7,200 people, mostly women, children, and the elderly.

So far, there isn’t any substantive evidence to suggest that the president’s unhinged claims about “unknown Middle Easterners” have any bearing in reality.

The caravan is approaching even as the administration considers re-implementing its infamous “zero tolerance” policy at the border, eyes extending family detention periods, and increasing penalties for refugees, migrants, and asylum-seekers.

Iron Triangle Press continues to follow the caravan’s progress.


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