TPS Saved — For Now

U.S. District Judge Edward Chen of California has ruled that there is no reason to revoke the TPS program, temporarily saving 300,000 people from deportation.

His ruling will temporarily protect immigrants from Sudan, Haiti, El Salvador, and Nicaragua who are here under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program.

Chen also raised the president’s many racist and xenophobic statements, saying that there are “serious questions as to whether a discriminatory purpose was a motivating factor.”

Sudanese citizens were particularly relieved by the decision, as they stood to lose their status in less than a month.

Last year, the president said that all immigrants from Haiti have HIV/AIDS, and in January, he said that African nations are “shithole countries.”

“There is also evidence that this may have been done in order to implement and justify a pre-ordained result desired by the White House. Plaintiffs have also raised serious questions whether the actions taken by the Acting Secretary or Secretary was influenced by the White House and based on animus against non-white, non-European immigrants in violation of Equal Protection guaranteed by the Constitution. The issues are at least serious enough to preserve the status quo.”  — Judge Chen

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