Resistance on Okinawa

Residents of the Japanese island Okinawa have elected a governor who promises to oppose the controversial relocation of a U.S. military base on the island.

The presence of U.S. soldiers has been a longstanding source of discontent and frustration for residents of Okinawa, especially following the rape of an islander by a U.S. military contractor.

Additionally, a former Marine was found guilty of murdering and attempting to rape 20-year old Rima Shimabukuro in December of 2017.

“Over two generations, governors have protested the new bases at Henoko and have been ignored. But now, the gubernatorial government has already withdrawn its permission for the base’s land reclamation project. And the prefectural government has used the proper process based on what is best for the good of the public. I will continue to let the central government understand that not abiding by this process is undemocratic and is against the rule of law.”  — Governor-elect Denny Tamaki



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