Conspiracy to Conceal

It is possible that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to coordinate a response with his supporters before Deborah Ramirez’s accusations became public.

According to Kerry Berchem, a former classmate of Kavanaugh’s at Yale University, she attempted to give the FBI text messages showing Kavanaugh and his friends “may have initiated an anticipatory narrative” as early as two months before Ramirez went public.

And according to NBCKavanaugh attempted to obtain a photo of himself and Ramirez at a wedding 10 years after the assault to prove that the two were still friendly.

Friends of Ramirez, however, say that while Ramirez did appear in a group photo with Kavanaugh at that wedding, she specifically tried to keep as much distance from him as possible.

Should it be confirmed that Kavanaugh did indeed conspire to cover up or redirect the accusations made by Ramirez, it would certainly be a serious disqualifier for his Supreme Court nomination.

Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Kavanaugh has committed perjury on at least one significant occasion.

When questioned by Senator Orrin Hatch as to when Kavanaugh first learned of the accusations made by Ramirez, he claimed to have only heard about them since the publication of her story in The New Yorker

Senator Orrin Hatch: When was the first time that the ranking member or her staff asked you about these allegations?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh: Today.

Hatch: When did you first hear of Ms. Ramirez’s allegations against you?

Kavanaugh: In the last—in the period since then, in The New Yorker story.

Hatch: Did the ranking member or any of her colleagues or any of their staffs ask you about Ms. Ramirez’s allegations before they were leaked to the press?

Kavanaugh: No.

Hatch: When was the first time that the ranking member or any of her colleagues or any of their staff asked you about Ms. Ramirez’s allegations?

Kavanaugh: Today.

Perjury is an automatic disqualification for any judicial nominee.

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