At Least Five Dead in Hurricane Florence

Two of the storm’s first victims were a mother and infant who were killed when a tree fell on their home.

A 78-year old man in North Carolina died plugging in a generator while another man, 77, was killed when a powerful gust knocked him down.

In the town of Hampstead, a woman had a heart attack and perished when debris prevented emergency responders from reaching her.

While the storm’s winds have consistently clocked in at 70 mph, the storm cell itself is moving over land at a painstaking 3 to 6 mph, exacerbating the already violent rains that have dumped 16 inches of water over the southeastern part of North Carolina alone.

Three of the state’s rivers — the Bay, Neuse, and Pimlico Pungo — are expected to swell by 8 to 10 feet overnight.

The storm is expected to last all weekend.

Iron Triangle Press will continue to monitor its progress.

Nuclear reactors are threatened by Hurricane Florence; click here to read more.


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