Nuclear Power Plant Threatened by Florence

Hurricane Florence is barreling down on the Brunswick nuclear power plant in North Carolina.

In 2011, boiling water reactors in the Fukushima, Japan nuclear power plant melted down amidst a violent tsunami causing the country’s worst nuclear disaster.

The Brunswick plant uses a very similar type of reactor.

Worst of all, Brunswick is only one of nine total nuclear facilities that lie directly in the path of Hurricane Florence.

While more than 1.5 million people have evacuated from North and South Carolina and Virginia, prison officials in Jasper County, South Carolina have decided not to evacuate the nearly 1,000 prisoners inside the Ridgeland Correctional Institution.

The prison lies only 34 miles from Laurel Bay, which is located along the state’s expansive coastal plain.

Until three days ago, all of Jasper county was under a mandatory evacuation order.

Nuclear power plants, however, are not the only concern.

Construction on the controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline in Virginia lies directly in the storm’s path, which threatens to trigger a devastating oil spill.

Thousands of farm animals and their waste lagoons face destruction in North Carolina, while toxic coal ash ponds and sewage treatment plants threaten to spill their contaminants amid heavy rainfall and strong winds.

Iron Triangle Press will continue to monitor the progress of Hurricane Florence.


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