World Demands Climate Change Action

While the media obsesses over the U.S. Open and former President Barack Obama’s return to the spotlight, the world is demanding change.

The president has announced his plans to reduce regulations on methane emissions even as the east coast prepares for a devastating, climate-change fueled hurricane that has forced at least a million residents to evacuate.

As the world continues to warm, mainstream media insists on covering sports, pop culture, and sensational politics instead of covering the millions of people who protested across the world Saturday demanding immediate action on climate change.

Millions of individuals across 90 countries participated in marches and rallies to demand that the governments of the world take drastic action to combat the increasing threat of catastrophic climate change.

Demonstrators in Australia demanded an end to a proposed $16 billion coal mine in Queensland while some 10,000 students, teachers, and protesters tied red ribbons around trees in northern India to protest deforestation.

And even though the president is proposing to roll back regulations requiring gas and oil companies to monitor methane leaks and fix them, the headlines in climate news aren’t all bad.

In California, Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law an initiative that aims to secure a carbon-free electricity source for the state by 2045.

“There’s no understating the importance of this measure. SB 100 is sending a message to California and to the world that we’re going to meet the Paris Agreement, and we’re going to continue down that path to transition our economy to zero emission, zero carbon emission, and to have the resiliency and the sustainability that science tells us we must achieve.” — Brown

California is currently the world’s fifth largest economy.

And in terms of global progress, co-founder Bill McKibben has reported that $6 trillion have been divested from fossil fuel companies worldwide so far; the total divestment goal by 2020 is $10 trillion.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio published a joint editorial in The Guardian calling on the rest of the world’s leaders to take urgent climate action.


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