Plastic Gunmaker Still Selling Blueprints

Cody Wilson has subverted a court order preventing him from uploading gun blueprints to the internet by mailing the instructions, instead.

UPDATED 09/25/2018 04:18 PM PST: Cody Wilson has been arrested in Taiwan on charges of soliciting sex from a minor. Read more →

The man who has been fighting for years to be allowed to upload blueprints for 3D printed guns to the internet has decided to subvert the court order barring him from distributing the plans online by offering to sell the plans to customers via a USB drive which is mailed to the buyer.

He claims to have more than 400 orders to fill.

While Mr. Wilson bases most of his argument on the first and second amendments, there are some seriously disturbing consequences to his actions.

These 3D plastic guns can be purchased by someone who would otherwise be unable to legally purchase a firearm, someone who would have failed a background check or even someone underage.

Because the guns are made of plastic and won’t trigger a metal detector, they’re incredibly easy to conceal.

And since Wilson is allowing customers to name their own price, even the barrier of cost is obsolete.

The only thing that this system has over the current system is that the customer will have to wait to receive the USB before then taking the time to program the printer and actually print the weapon.


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