Net Neutrality Repeal Endangers Lives

A California county is joining the lawsuit to reinstate Net Neutrality after their firefighters’ wireless data was restricted while battling a deadly blaze.

Santa Clara County firefighters battling the Mendocino Complex Fire – the largest fire in the state’s history – had their wireless data restricted to just one half of one percent of their normal coverage in the midst of fighting the inferno.

Now, the county is suing internet service provider Verizon on the grounds that the restriction of their data imperiled both civilian lives as well as the lives of the firefighters themselves.

Had Net Neutrality still been in place, Verizon’s decision to throttle wireless data would have been unquestionably illegal.

The Obama administration introduced Net Neutrality laws to insure that the internet would remain a free space for all.

Trump’s Federal Communications Commission chair, Ajit Pai, repealed the laws earlier this year.

Iron Triangle Press will continue to follow this story.


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