Georgia’s Plan to Close Polling Stations on Rocky Ground

Election officials in Randolph County are trying to close 7 out of 9 polling places as Stacy Abrams runs to become the country’s first female black governor.

Officials claim that the polling places need to be closed because they are non-ADA compliant, meaning persons with disabilities cannot easily access them.

However, a lawyer for the county has said that there is no evidence to support that claim and the American Civil Liberties Union has threatened to sue the county if they move forward with the closures.

HuffPost contacted the county and submitted an open records request. They were told that no documentation exists to back up the claims.

They also discovered that the county had hired an outside elections consultant on April 2 of this year named Michael Malone; he is the driving force behind these closures.

“There is no document, report or analysis studying the handicap accessibility of polling places in Randolph County and the cost of fixing them within the time frame specified in your open records request.” — Hayden Hooks, Perry & Walters Law Firm, attorneys to Randolph County

As Georgia’s Stacy Abrams gears up to potentially become the first female Black governor in the nation’s history, it is more than a little suspicious that election officials would try to close so many polls in a majority-Black county.

Furthermore, just over 30% of Randolph County residents live below the poverty line; closing all but two of the county’s polling stations would make it virtually impossible for many residents to vote as many do not own cars.

The election board will vote on the issue tomorrow.

Iron Triangle Press will continue to follow this story.


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