Arctic’s Thickest Ice Now Melting

The thickest sections of ice in the Arctic are melting for the first time in recorded history.

Increased temperatures and raging wildfires that reached into the Arctic Circle this year have drastically increased the rate of warming at the poles, causing the thickest sections of ice to begin breaking apart for the very first time.

Temperatures in the Arctic skyrocketed to 45 degrees above average this summer, indicating that climate change is causing acute warming in the poles.

As the ice melts, life on earth will become vulnerable to ancient diseases and viruses that have been trapped within the ice for millennia, while melting permafrost will dramatically increase global emissions due to the release of trapped methane gas.

While methane does dissipate faster than carbon dioxide, methane emissions are still 30 times as dangerous as carbon dioxide emissions due to the simple fact that methane traps 100 times more heat over a five-year period than CO2.

With the president’s recent rollback of coal emissions regulations that are projected to cause 1,400 additional pollution-related deaths per year, it appears that we are accelerating towards irreversible climate change rather than working to avoid it.

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