President to Roll Back Coal Regulations

The president announced yesterday that he would be rolling back Obama-era coal regulations, increasing carbon emissions more than tenfold.

The regulations were part of former President Barack Obama’s landmark Clean Power Act.

Now, the president will allow individual states to decide for themselves whether or not they want to curb emissions.

The president’s rollbacks will also affect air pollution regulations that had been imposed upon the coal plants through the Clean Power Act.

Scientists say that this will cause 12 times more carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere over the next decade than would have been emitted under the regulations.

The rollbacks come as the nation is dealing with record-setting wildfires, heat waves, and poor air quality as a result of massive plumes of smoke.

It is also worth mentioning that Andrew Wheeler, who replaced Scott Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a former coal lobbyist.

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