Bomb Threat at The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has reported a bomb threat one day after newspapers across the country published editorials condemning the president’s comments against the press.

The president had launched particularly acrid criticism towards The Globe for its role as catalyst in kicking off the collective action.

Now, the paper is beefing up security at its offices after receiving multiple threatening calls and at least one bomb threat.


His incoherent tweet may not have made a whole lot of sense, but the feelings behind it are quite clear, and his use of “collusion” is telling, indeed.

The fact that he would refer to journalistic collaboration as collusion helps tremendously to clarify just how he could possibly conceive of such a thing as a “fake media” to begin with.

And his follow-up tweet really hit that message home.


“Honesty wins” is quite an interesting phrase to come from a president whose own staff won’t let him sit down with the man investigating him on suspicions of colluding with a foreign power.

And this isn’t the first time the president’s acrimony has prompted real-world action, either.

The president’s false accusation that Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) was inciting violence against him and his supporters resulted in Waters receiving multiple death threats which forced her to cancel a number of public appearances.

Eventually, things escalated to the point that she received a package addressed to “Anne Thrax” at her offices, prompting a total evacuation of the premises.

Not only is it entirely uncouth and unpresidential for Trump to make such incendiary comments, but to do so when he knows the kind of action it prompts in his supporters is blatantly reckless.

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