OPINION: The Free Press Fights Back

Today, hundreds if not thousands of newspapers across the country are publishing editorials condemning the president’s war against the press.

The Boston Globe issued a rallying call to newspapers across the nation last week inviting them to join in a coordinated demonstration of the power of the press and to stand up against the president’s incendiary comments.

As of this past Saturday, Globe Deputy Editorial Page Editor Marjorie Pritchard confirmed that more than 100 publications had committed to the demonstration.

Not being part of the mainstream media, Iron Triangle Press was a little bit ahead of the game on this one and published an opinion piece just last week on this very subject.

As important as the free press and local journalism are, it is even more important that the players in this industry are coming together in solidarity to oppose the misguided and ill-informed comments made by our president.

Media in this country, particularly the corporate media, has an unfortunate tendency to align itself with one side of the political coin or the other.

Just take MSNBC and Fox News for example — anyone who has lived in this country for any significant time could tell you which station is aligned with which party, even if the stations themselves don’t explicitly announce their affiliation.

It is this partisan divide that has allowed Trump to manipulate the media and keep them occupied with their own differences instead of focusing on the deleterious impact Trump has on all free press.

Only by casting aside political affiliation and opinion will this industry be able to present a united front in the face of misinformation and deliberate sabotage, and this collective movement is the first step.

Our editorial boards can debate politics and policy until they are blue in the face, but if there is one thing we all need to agree on, it is that the president of the United States cannot continue to lambast the free press without consequence.

And if we can’t agree on that, well, we might as well start syndicating the state media right now.


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