“Military Might” More Important than Jobs

The president said “military might” is potentially more important than jobs while signing a record-setting military spending bill into law.

The bill, which was named after Senator John McCain (R-AZ), apparently contains the funding for the president’s highly contentious military parade.

Despite the fact that the bill’s namesake is currently battling the advanced stages of brain cancer, the president didn’t mention him once.

“We got $700 billion. And next year, already approved, we have $716 billion to give you the finest planes and ships and tanks and missiles anywhere on Earth. Nobody makes them like we do. And very, very far distant in this case. Jobs are very important in all cases, but in this case, military might is more important than even jobs.”  — Donald Trump

Perhaps the bill is more important to the president than jobs because it contains the funding for his greatest vanity project yet — his infamous military parade.

Or, perhaps it’s simply the fact that this undertaking of his will have no effect on related industries; after all, he has been focused on revamping the crude extraction of resources rather than supporting the manufacturing and engineering sectors which would have benefited from such a project.


Either way, Iron Triangle Press will continue to follow this story.

For more information on the spending bill, click here.


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