Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Bomb that Killed Yemeni Children U.S.-Made

The bomb that killed 40 Yemeni schoolchildren and 11 others last week was made in America.


The bomb that killed 40 Yemeni schoolchildren and 11 others last week was made in America.

Although we continue to support the Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirate (UAE) coalition in Yemen without officially being at war with the country, we are still killing its people.

Yesterday, thousands gathered to mourn the lives of 51 people killed by a bomb made by a country they aren’t technically at war with.

Forty of those funerals were for children — all boys between the ages of 6 and 11.

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In Islamic culture, a funeral should occur as quickly after the individual’s death as possible, but the community was forced to delay the ceremonies due to fear that the funerals themselves would be targeted.

Many parents were unable to locate the remains of their children.

“I just found some of what the child was wearing. I didn’t find any of his remains, not his finger, not his bone, not his skull, nothing. I looked through all the remains in the hospital and I didn’t see anything.”  — Abdelhakim Amir

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According to Al Jazeera, the boys were returning from a religious trip when the strike hit.

An additional 79 people sustained injuries in the attack, 56 of those people were under the age of 15.

Photos sent to Al Jazeera by the Houthi contingent show that a 500-lb Raytheon Mark-82 bomb was used in the attack.

The particular model has been used repeatedly by the Saudi coalition in Yemen.

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Yemeni boy holds shrapnel with MK82 label

The United States has supplied more than $90 billion in military equipment to the coalition between 2010 and 2015, making it the single largest supplier.

Nearly a third of military strikes carried out in June alone targeted non-military sites, and accusations of war crimes have repeatedly surfaced throughout the conflict.

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