Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Violent Police Officer Resigns

A Baltimore, Maryland police officer resigned after footage of him brutally beating a man was released.


A Baltimore, Maryland police officer resigned after footage of him brutally beating a man was released.

The yet as unidentified officer is seen in the video repeatedly punching 26-year-old DaShawn McGrier, who had attempted to avoid the officer due to a “history” between them.

The officer punched McGrier to the ground and continued beating him, pinning him to the ground with an arm at his throat. McGrier never fought back.

Although his identity remains officially unannounced, McGrier’s attorney, Warren Brown, has reportedly identified the officer as Arthur Williams.

A second officer involved in the incident has been put on administrative duty.

McGrier is awaiting trial on charges of allegedly assaulting the very same officer back in June; the trial is scheduled for this month.

According to Brown, his client sustained a fractured jaw, two fractured ribs, and temporarily lost feeling in his left leg in this most recent encounter.

“It seems like this officer had just decided that DaShawn was going to be his punching bag. And this was a brutal attack.”  — Brown

The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) has been the source of great tension in the area following the highly suspicious death of Freddie Gray back in 2015.

Gray was 25 when he was arrested for possession of an illegal knife. He died while in police custody after sustaining fatal injuries to his spinal cord.

Following his death, the Department of Justice (DOJ) conducted a review of the BPD and uncovered a longstanding history of racism and abuse which led to the approval of a consent decree to rebuild the force.

“While I have an expectation that officers are out of their cars, on foot, and engaging citizens, I expect that it will be done professionally and constitutionally. I have zero tolerance for behavior like I witnessed on the video today. Officers have a responsibility and duty to control their emotions in the most stressful of situations.”  — Interim Baltimore Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle

Considering Tuggle offered Williams suspension with pay before Williams submitted his resignation, we are of the mind that he would likely still be on the force had the incident not been caught on camera and gone viral the way that it did.

If you would like to see the footage yourself, click here. Please be warned, the content is triggering.




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