A Government Without Priorities

Vice President Mike Pence called on Congress to pledge to spend $8 billion on military activities in outer space over the next five years.

Pence announced yesterday that the “separate but equal” branch of the military would be created by 2020.

The addition of a new military branch would not only require massive reorganization of the Department of Defense (DOD) but also enormous budgetary changes.

Defense Secretary James Mattis had previously urged against the creation of the “Space Force,” citing budgetary concerns.

Now he says that he, the vice president, and the president are all “in complete agreement.”

He claims that because the government is no longer facing the same budget gaps it was when Mattis originally made his statement it is now reasonable to move forward with the proposal.

What Mattis may be forgetting is that the president himself recently threatened a complete government shutdown if Democrats don’t agree to fund his border wall ahead of the September spending deadline.

To add even more humor to what is already a tragicomic situation, the president has reached out to his followers via email to collect submissions for the Space Force logo.

Apparently, one of them is emblazoned with the message, “Mars Awaits.”

What that has to do with a military branch is beyond us, but we’re just glad he didn’t do it over Twitter.

Iron Triangle Press will continue to follow this story.

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