Remembering Michael Brown

Four years ago today, 18-year old Michael Brown was killed after engaging in a struggle with then 28-year old Officer Darren Wilson.

Brown’s death sent shockwaves through Ferguson, Missouri, where riots and protests lasted for days following the incident.

Today, voters in St. Louis have shown that Brown’s death was not meaningless by ousting Robert McCulloch, the man who declined to file charges against Officer Wilson.

Taking his place will be Wesley Bell, who campaigned on the promise of eliminating cash bail for nonviolent offenses, never implementing the death penalty, opposing mandatory minimum sentences, and advocating for criminal justice reform.

“And I know it’s bigger than me. This is about change that will—again, that will not only affect North County, but South County, West County, Mid County. I mean, we’ve got to start working on bringing this region together.”  — Bell

Removing a prosecutor who supported the aggressive prosecution of drug-related offenses, the prosecution of protesters, as well as the implementation of the death penalty will almost certainly have positive effects on the people of Missouri as well as its legal system.

Iron Triangle Press wishes Wesley Bell the best of luck, and we will continue to follow his story.


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