A Day of Death from Above

Airstrikes in Afghanistan, Gaza, and Yemen have all further inflamed already high tensions in each country aside from killing dozens.

It was a day of death from above with multiple airstrikes throughout the Middle East causing terrible destruction and resulting in the loss of many lives.

Each nation has been subjected to years of ongoing violence and warfare which have taken severe tolls on their populations, especially in Yemen where 8 million people currently face starvation.

In Afghanistan, a dozen soldiers were killed “by mistake” in a U.S. airstrike that came amidst a sharp increase in military activity in the country.

The United States dropped 3,000 bombs in Afghanistan in the first six months of this year — nearly twice as many as in the same time period last year.

That’s almost 17 bombs every single day.

Three people are dead in Gaza, including a mother and her 18-month old child.

The bombing was the result of a Hamas rocket strike which injured six Israelis, which itself was an attack in return for the deaths of two Hamas members at the hands of the Israeli military.

And finally, a bus carrying a group of children was bombed, resulting in 43 deaths.

Most of the children were under the age of ten.

This particular bombing comes as new evidence from the Associated Press (AP) suggests that the United States government has been working with al-Qaeda to suppress the Houthi rebels in Yemen even as it claims to be fighting them.

If it weren’t clear from the sheer amount of military force that we have funneled into these wars over the last two decades, the number of civilian deaths should certainly illuminate the fact that the policy of U.S. interventionism when it comes to the Middle East is a failed policy.

We have achieved nothing by dropping bombs except to create more recruits and to sow even more distrust and hatred for the United States and its people around the world while pushing the nations we are attacking closer and closer to collapse.

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