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The president of the United States has reimposed sanctions against Iran following his own decision to back out of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the deal involved not only the United States and Iran, but also the European Union.

The JCPOA allowed both the U.S. and the E.U. to conduct business with Iran, and the president’s new sanctions threaten to harm everyone as a result.

The E.U. has already implemented measures that will go into effect today and will help to soften the effects that the sanctions will have on “legitimate businesses in Iran.”

Their protective measures come amidst bellicose comments from the president, who has threatened anyone who continue to conduct business with Iran while claiming he fights for world peace in the very same tweet.


Relations with our European allies have been rocky ever since Trump ascended to the presidency and only recently saw the first signs of stabilization when the administration agreed to work towards zero tariffs with the E.U.

Hopes that the negotiations would mark a shift in overall relations with our erstwhile closest allies have been dashed by the president’s ultimatum: trade with the U.S. or Iran, but not both.

Unsurprisingly, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that his nation will not negotiate with the “untrustworthy” Trump administration as long as the sanctions are in place.

“You cannot expect to talk to a person after you stab him and leave the knife in his body.”  — Rouhani

Amazingly, our president seems to think that this kind of treatment will encourage the Iranians to enter into a new deal with the United States.

We at Iron Triangle Press won’t be holding our breath.



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