Judge Orders Children to be Transferred from Texas Detention Center

Los Angeles Federal Judge Dolly Gee ordered the administration Tuesday to transfer all children from the Shiloh Residential Treatment Center.

Located in Manvel, Texas, the center is the subject of numerous allegations of abuse, prompting Judge Gee to order the transfer of all the children in its custody.

The center has been condemned for injecting the children in its custody with psychotropic drugs without parental consent.

The center is also accused of detaining children in unnecessarily confined spaces, restraining the children for extended periods of time, and preventing the children from making private phone calls.

Judge Gee has ordered the administration to obtain “informed written consent” from a parent or guardian before injecting children with psychotropic drugs and has ordered all children transferred out of the facility except those whom a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist determine to pose a danger to themselves or others.

Gee also agreed that the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is in violation of the Flores settlement of 1997, which outlines treatment for children in detention.

Here’s the full list of orders issued by Judge Gee to the ORR:

  • All children sent to a high security facility or residential treatment center must receive written notice in a language they can read informing them why they were placed there and to be sent “within a reasonable time” from their arrival
  • Sponsors must no longer be required to arrange services in advance of the release of the child into their custody and must be permitted to do so after the child’s release in order to speed up the reunification process
  • Any child who is simply suspected to have been involved with gangs should be placed in less restrictive settings unless there is probable cause to believe that the individual committed a specific crime
  • The Shiloh center must do away with unnecessary and burdensome security restrictions such as preventing access to drinking water and private telephone calls

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