Independent Monitor Appointed for Immigrant Detention Centers

Los Angeles Federal Judge Dolly Gee has ordered that an independent monitor be appointed to enforce health and safety standards in children detention centers.

The mandate comes amidst widespread reports of abuse inside immigrant detention centers, including injecting children with psychotropic drugs.

The state of Illinois has already green-lighted an investigation into one of the detention centers in Chicago run by nonprofit Heartland Alliance on the basis of similar accusations.

Other allegations include being kicked while sleeping, being forced to drink toilet water, being given only spoiled food, and being denied medical treatment.

“There continue to be persistent problems. There seems to be a disconnect between what both sides see at these facilities.”  — Gee

The monitor will report all observations and facts directly to Gee, “to cut through disputes over what is happening on the ground,” and has given the Department of Justice and the plaintiffs until August 10 to agree on a qualified candidate.

Should they fail to come to a consensus, Gee will decide between two candidate names submitted by each side.

The monitor’s role, however, is limited.

He or she will be confined to investigating detention facilities under the jurisdiction of Customs and Border Protection along the border in the Rio Grande valley in Texas and is limited to accusations filed in a June 2017 motion.

This news comes amidst the ongoing lawsuit surrounding the Flores settlement, which the government has attempted to change.

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