“Sorry to Bother You”

Boots Riley’s new hit movie, “Sorry to Bother You,” is a call to arms for disenfranchised and abused workers everywhere.

The film focuses on a no-good telemarketing company and a corporation profiting off slave labor, and a single man from Oakland caught in the middle.

Cassius, the main character played by Lakeith Stanfield, discovers a secret that threatens not only the companies and their profits, but all of humanity.

“I mean, it’s never been my mission to create a separate, safer capitalist model, because that’s what it would be doing, you know, is like “Let’s create this other distribution network,” whatever, which, if you’re operating under capitalism, ends up being just a baby capitalist model that is maybe not as effective as the ones that exist. So, it is—I mean, I wasn’t there, but I believe how even The Communist Manifesto got out was that the books were distributed, that these books are sold. So, even Marx sold books, right? So, and it wasn’t because he was like, “I need to create something inside of capitalism that shows this model.” I mean we’ve been seeing that for a long time. I mean, the U.S. has had socialist communes since the 1800s. And as artists, too, we give ourselves that out, like, “I’m creating a model, you know, that other people can emulate.” And it’s really just a cop-out, because it’s harder to organize people and get them to get involved in a movement. It’s easier to find other people that already agree with you, and then do that thing.”  — Boots Riley


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