A Nation’s Icon

Ahed Tamimi, who became an icon for the Palestinian resistance after slapping an Israeli soldier, will finally be released from prison.

Tamimi has served an 8-month prison sentence for slapping an Israeli solder after discovering that her cousin had sustained severe injuries at the hands of an Israeli soldier who shot him in the head with a rubber-coated steel bullet.

Video of her confrontation with the soldier went viral and elevated her to the status of a Palestinian national hero.

She will be welcomed home by a mural painted in her honor on the Palestinian side of the West Bank separation wall.

“Today, as the Palestinians prepare both nationally and officially for the release of the heroic child Ahed Tamimi, we are surprised by those free people who came from all over the world to paint the photo of the icon of the Palestinian people and the icon of the national resistance on this apartheid wall. They are drawing a mural for Ahed Tamimi in order to tell the world and the occupation that we are partners in this case and that the Palestinian national resistance is the only way to face the arrogant occupation.”  — Palestinian activist Ahmed Odeh

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