Administration Will Fail Again to Meet Reunification Deadline

Although they have had more than one chance, the administration will most likely fail to reunite all separated children with their families.

Some 900 children remain in immigration custody separated from their parents despite today’s court-ordered deadline to reunite all separated children with their families.

The administration previously failed to meet the deadline to reunite all 102 children under the age of 5 with their parents earlier this month.

Additionally, at least 463 immigrant parents have already been deported without their children, decreasing the likelihood that the administration will be able to achieve complete reunification.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed documents alleging that many immigrant parents were pressured or manipulated into signing forms that were not even written in their native language.

They argue many of the parents did not know what they were agreeing to.

“It’s the reality of a policy that was in place that resulted in large numbers of families being separated without forethought as to reunification and keeping track of people. And that’s the fallout we’re seeing.”  — Judge Dana Sabraw

According to the government, at least 191 parents will not be reunified with their children on the basis of criminal records or their own decision not to reunify.

There are also 260 parents whose cases will require further action, which can indicate anything from the government not having located the parent or the child having been placed with a different guardian.

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