Last Day Before the Deadline

Tomorrow marks the court-mandated deadline for the administration to reunite all 3,000 immigrant children separated from their parents.

After the administration failed to reunite the hundred or so children under the age of five who had been separated from their parents, San Diego Federal Judge Dana Sabraw extended the general deadline and gave the administration until tomorrow, July 26, to reunite every single separated child.

As a new court filing shows that as many as 463 immigrant parents have already been deported without their children, the hope for complete reunification of all separated families dims.

And, since the administration has already missed one deadline, it seems likely that it will miss this one, as well.

Add to that the fact that the government is trying to force immigrant parents to foot the $800 bill for the DNA test that was supposed to speed this whole process up in the first place, and we are left with an abysmal amount of confidence.

The tricky part of all this lies in the fact that administration officials claim that the deported parents relinquished their children and submitted to deportation willingly.

On the other hand, it has also been reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials routinely pressure and manipulate immigrant parents into choosing deportation.

The main issue, it is claimed, is that the forms given to the parents have key sections that are only written in English, leaving most parents completely unaware as to what they are actually signing off on.

The conundrum, however, is obvious; it is a ‘he-said-she-said’ scenario with the government on one side and vulnerable individuals on the other.

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